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Wine meets world

Misswinebottle seeks to set a platform that appeals to all wine lovers across the globe.We seek to bring you fun and exciting adventures incorporating the wine culture for a fitting lifestyle for every oenophilia out there.

What We DO

Wine articles

Never miss on any wine news happenings locally and internationally. There is so much more to catch up on from our blog which features recipes, wine stories, reviews etc.

Wine kitchen

Explores the flavors of different wines infused into your favorite meal. Check out our wine kitchen for fun videos and articles on meals, cocktails, desserts and so many ore treats all made with wine

Wine art

Wine is more than just the art of drinking it from your glass. Each bottle of wine has a story. We seek to showcase and bring to life the untapped beauty and creativity that exists beyond what’s perceived as the wine drinking culture.

Wine events

We are guaranteed to keep you updated on all current events happening near you; both locally and internationally. There are so many events to choose from wine tastings, wine themed parties, vineyard tours etc.

Wine Gift Shop

We would love to give you a chance to gift yourself and your loved ones a memorable souvenir to celebrate your love of wine which is bound to leave you with beautiful memories of your wine moments

Wine travel

We seek to reach out to various parts of our country in a bid to get you to the best destinations to uncork and unwind. Watch our travel vlogs as well as review articles to book/spot or spot your next wine stop

Meet Misswinebottle

MS Carolyne Kirgotty is a business entrepreneur and film maker. MWB is a startup that was started due to her passion in the art of drinking wine and the culture that surrounds it. At MWB, we aim not just to offer products and services but more to satisfy the needs of each and every wine drinker; old, new and curious alike. We seek to expand the horizon to accommodate each type of wine drinker; old and new alike. Carol’s own journey has been from a complete rookie to a pro in a duration of just over two years and I would love to share my journey and a couple of tips I’ve learnt along the way with my fellow wine lovers. Upholding community and its values is at the heart of our culture and in our wine community we aim to offer each guest and team member a place that feels exceptionally like home. We work round the clock to ensure your wine experience with us will be the most unique and memorable one you ever experienced.



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