Throwing the perfect Christmas wine Party

Throwing the perfect Christmas wine Party

Hey wine FAM,

It’s our favorite time of the year but this time round we want to guide you on how to host the perfect Xmas wine party because Christmas is a time when friends and family get together to share their year’s memories as well as plan for the next year’s. I have put together a few tricks I have employed myself before as a host as well as meaningful bits of advice I have picked up from the internet over time.
Firstly, you must consider the following factors; the date you intend to hold the event, how many people do you intend to invite to your party, what is the theme of the party, what is going to be served to guests at the party, what time does the party run etc.

  •  Choose a theme

Wines are categorized into different groups, you can decide on a specific type of wine category e.g. variety, value, style, region, vintage, blind tasting or random where every guest comes with a wine of their choice

  • Shop methodically

for drinks, stick to 2-4 different types of wine, anything more than five is simply overwhelming and you can allocate each guest half to a full bottle of wine

  •  Stock the necessary supplies

These are items such as glassware, corkscrews, palate cleansers, spit buckets, water, documentation material, white background and clear glassware 

  • Plan ahead

Make sure to have enough glasses for everyone (3 glasses per person) to ensure there’s no need to rinse glasses mid-way. Even a single drop of water can really the taste of the wine.

Remove chilled wines from the fridge 20min before your guests arrive

Remember, red wines are served best at room temperature

  • Wine and food pairings

Make sure to pair your wine with the right meals as it plays a huge part in the overall experience of your wine party. Make sure to serve the right snacks throughout the party.

  • Be sure to signify the end of a party

It is important to let your guests when the party has come to an end so as to allow you enough time to tidy up without a strain. One way is to brighten lights if the lights were dimmed in the room, if it does not work, you can start cleaning up, and nobody can miss that clue.

  •  Fun wine games

There are various wine games you can play to ensure the fun does not stop. Examples include wine trivia, blind tasting contest, wine-o etc.

  •  Let guests pack extra food.

You can provide takeout boxes or dishes to pack the extra food left from the party. They will be so grateful that they don’t have to get home, tired from the party, and start worrying about preparing a meal.


  •  When serving wine, there is the order that is advised to follow for you wine party to be even more will be such a satisfactory experience for your guest as it will enable them to enjoy the whole experience of wines complementing the food and one another
  • Here’s a clue on how to set the order for serving your wines; bubbles, light white wines, rich white wines, roses, light red wines, bold red wines and finally dessert wines such as port and sweet wines.

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  1. Hi Miss Wine Bottle,

    I’ve been curious about how to incorporate wine into a regular old nyama choma grill-fest in the front yard with friends and neighbours. Meat is life in Kenya and weekend plots have kilos and kilos of juicy racks of ribs and goat legs sizzling over slow-roasting fires everywhere you look. I understand red wine goes down best with red meat. What red wines do you recommend for that perfect pairing with nyam chom?

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