Wine Glass Guide

Wine Glass Guide

Normally with other drinks you would use whichever kind of glass you wanted but with wine its a whole lot different

The fun of drinking wine is all about the experience that comes along with drinking the wine itself.

Taste and smell are the main characteristics that determine the goodness of any certain wine hence the reason it is crucial to pick the right type of glass for drinking your wine

Let’s look at this categorically

1.Red wine

They are a bit wider and rounder than other regular glasses.

It is so as to provide the drink with more surface area for the oxidation process which is ideal for red wines.

The aromas and complex flavors are usually smoothed upon exposure to air.

2.White wine

These one are taller and narrower as compared to the red wine glasses.

Unlike red wines, these ones offer a smaller surface area so as to prevent oxidation as white wines are loved for their crisp nature.

3.Sparkling wine

These are even taller and narrower.

The stem is that long so as to prevent our hands from warming the drink and the narrowness of the glass bowl shape helps to retain the bubbly nature of your sparkling drink.

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