Wine Tasting Basics
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Wine Tasting Basics

It is not as complex as it looks; trust me…it is all about understanding the process than doing it for the show .

When tasting wine the goal is to establish the following;

  • visual appearance
  • aroma of the wine
  • taste of the wine
  • the after taste

The color of wine simply helps us determine what the age of the wine could be (for red wine they become lighter with age, while white wine bends towards a richer color as it ages)
You can also tell what type of wine it is e.g. white, red or sparkling.One of the main factors that helps us classify the category of the wine is the color

Ever tried eating when you have a blocked nasal passage due to a cold, exactly, you don’t quiet taste the flavors in your meal. We smell the wine to prepare our brains for what we are about to taste

This is the most sure way to establish what are the flavors of the wine. You swish the wine all around your mouth so as to ensure all the taste buds in your mouth pick out all the flavors. As from your Bio class, you remember the different parts of your tongue depicts the different flavor

After you swallow your wine the taste left in your mouth is the icing on the cake. You can determine the tangy and the acidity levels of the wine by the taste left in your mouth.
The process of tasting wine basically involves these steps summarized as the 5 S’s which are;

  • See
  • Swirl
  • Smell
  • Sip
  • Savor

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